Holly Willoughby tweets about her braces

A cosmetic dentist has seen his dental treatments showcased to the world after a celebrity client tweeted an image of her fantastic results.
TV presenter Holly Willoughby posted an image of her virtually invisible orthodontic braces to her Twitter page, after they were fitted by cosmetic dentistry expert Dr Biju Krishnan.

The 30-year-old star tweeted a picture of her orthodontic treatment to fans, commenting: ‘Brace yourselves, I’ve got braces… eek!’

When one fan asked her how long she would be keeping the braces on for, Holly tweeted back: ‘Two months hopefully.’
Dr Krishnan, co-founder of the Lubiju dental clinic and VIP Smiles, in Edinburgh and London’s Harley Street, was approached by the This Morning star to help her achieve the perfect smile.

She was fitted with a set of braces designed to give optimum results in usually just six months, or in Holly’s case, as she replied to one fan, possibly as little as two
Under the clinic’s ‘C-FAST’ programme, (Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth) adults of all ages can achieve the perfect smile without the embarrassment of clunky braces, as the near invisible solution gently aligns and straightens the teeth, with minimum discomfort and embarrassment.
Dr Krishnan said: ‘We are delighted to hear that Holly is happy with her results and her picture really captures the essence of the treatment – you really struggle to see where the braces are.  I have treated a few celebrities in this way and the speed of treatment along with excellent aesthetics makes it a real winner.
‘Many adults like Holly are not happy with their smile, but are reluctant to receive dental treatment due to the stigma attached to wearing braces. People often feel that braces are unsightly and clunky and would rather put up with hiding their smile.
‘Today, however the face of dentistry is changing and clients can now choose from a range of subtle treatments which will help them achieve the perfect smile, without any of the embarrassment.
‘C-FAST braces such as those that Holly has opted for are the perfect treatment for those who want straighter teeth and what’s even better is that they can get the results they want in just a matter of months.
‘Holly is a fantastic client to have, she is the perfect example of a confident and attractive adult looking to make the most of their natural beauty and get a smile they can be proud of showing off.
‘I hope that Holly’s tweet will inspire many more adults to come forward and find out more about how braces can help give them that winning smile.’
Dr Krishnan co-founded Lubiju cosmetic dental clinic in March 2009, concentrating on developing emerging hi-tech techniques in cosmetic dentistry.
The specially created ‘C-FAST’ programme is one of the clinic’s most popular offerings and provides a modern twist to traditional dentistry.

Using the best aspects of brace treatments, the treatment and materials have been modified to give adults a common sense cosmetic solution that can help make a difference.
Unique aspects of the treatment include, clear brackets and tooth coloured wires which are barely visible, low forces and short overall treatment time provide a gentle solution which is relatively less expensive than other treatments.
Dr Krishnan added: ‘At Lubiju we strive to be at the forefront of the latest cosmetic and preventative dental treatments.
‘From everything from teeth whitening and veneers to implants and maxillo-facial surgery, our experts provide treatments which are guaranteed to give the desired results. We pride ourselves on our unique offering and believe that we are one of the best dental treatment centres in the UK.’
More information on C-FAST programme as well as other Lubiju treatments can be found at www.lubiju.co.uk.

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