Dating website hails the dentist as an ‘ideal man’

Women looking for a partner rate dentists among the top most desirable men.

That’s according to dating website,, which bases its findings on the top five professions women are  searching for in a partner online.

The study, which was drawn from information provided by women using the website, reveals that women in search of a partner are seemingly still attracted by wealth and status.’s resident relationship expert, Kate Taylor, analysed the data and explains why women are attracted to these profession – and which celeb best sums up their appeal.
The most sought after professions on are:
–        Kate Taylor says: ‘Success is sexy, and a man who has reached the level of manager will be seen as having responsibility, ambition and maturity. These are all attractive qualities to females who prefer an Alpha partner – one who is decisive and driven. ‘Executive’ is equally attractive, but more vague. However it denotes someone who works in a skilled, office job with regular hours, which would appeal to women who prefer a 9-5 lifestyle, leaving evenings and weekends free to spend as a couple or, eventually, a family.’
–        Inspired by: Gordon Gekko.
–        Kate Taylor says: ‘This is often regarded as the top job a man could have, because it combines intelligence (traditionally a male quality) and caring (a more female quality), suggesting that the man has a well-rounded character. His medical knowledge also suggests that he could look after his family and children very well. Even if they’re not consciously looking to start a family, women are still drawn to qualities that would have been useful and attractive to their ancestors.’
–        Inspired by: John Stamos (dentist Dr Carl Howell in Glee), see below.

–        Kate Taylor says: ‘Large salaries are an obvious attraction here. But more than that, men in the legal profession are often seen as very intelligent and quick-witted. Law also suggests fairness and stability, which are good “leadership” traits. These appeal to women who are emotional and indecisive, but similarly Alpha-women who are looking for an equal will be drawn to these men. ‘
–        Inspired by: Matthew McConaughey in The Lincoln Lawyer.
–        Kate Taylor says: ‘Obviously appealing to women who are family-orientated, teachers combine caring and leadership qualities with a job that offers lots of holidays. If a woman was hoping to return to work after having children, a partner whose schedule fitted in around school hours would be hugely appealing.’
–        Inspired by: Will Schuester in Glee.
–        Kate Taylor says: ‘Flexibility is the main attraction here – self-employed workers can set their own hours and potentially free up time to spend with their partners. But more than that, self-employment suggests ambition and drive, and a desire to work for one’s own benefit rather than a large corporation’s. Most entrepreneurs would call themselves self-employed. Women who worry about money might not find a self-employed partner as appealing as someone with a regular, fixed income, but females who also work for themselves might appreciate the potential for lots of time spent together.’
–        Inspired by: Peter Jones

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