A dental anaesthetic with greater control and less discomfort

Septodont, a global leader in dental pharmaceuticals and the UK’s number one manufacturer of dental anaesthetics, is pleased to announce the launch of its new and highly innovative Septoject Evolution needle, designed to provide greater control for practitioners and less discomfort for patients.
Septoject Evolution is engineered for a smoother penetration with less displacement, meaning less discomfort for your patients, even when used for multiple injections.

Designed with a patented scapel-designed bevel for easier insertion and reduced deflection , means around 29% less force* required from you, while delivering better control and accuracy.
Septoject Evolution needles are available for infiltrations in 27G and 30G short (25mm).  They are only also available in 30G extra short (9mm) for intraligamentary injections.
If you think a needle is just a needle, think again.  Septoject Evolution is available now from your dental dealer.

If you require further information contact Septodont on 01622 695 520, email [email protected] or visit www.septodont.co.uk.
* A. Steele et al.  Submitted for publication
** J. G Meechan et al.  Submitted for publication

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