Oral-B makes an impact

The 2011 BDA Conference programme offered something for everyone.

Not only could dentists benefit from over 85 hours of verifiable CPD, but Oral-B sponsored a DCP theatre featuring three days of complimentary, 30-minute sessions for other team members.

This was just one of the areas in which Oral-B supported and worked with the BDA.

Razi Hyder, from Oral-B, says: ‘As the Diamond sponsor, we knew we could make a difference.  Our partnering with the BDA at this event was a logical one since we share similar goals.  Prevention is our passion and we recognise the importance of the profession in delivering this message to the public. We’re also committed to providing CPD to all.’
Oral-B has recently launched Pro-Expert, the first stannous toothpaste that is clinically proven to protect all eight areas dentists check most.

It protects against gum problems, plaque, caries, calculus formation, dentinal hypersensitivity, erosion, staining and bad breath.

This is an extremely wide scope, and it’s not surprising therefore that the product claims in each of these areas are backed by rigorous research conducted over 15 years, resulting in over 70 clinical and scientific studies.

It is important that the profession has confidence in the products they’re using and ultimately being asked to recommend which is why for the first time, Oral-B have invested in two stands at the Conference.

One was focused entirely on the company’s R&D capability and gave visitors an insight into the stringent research and protocol that is undertaken prior to launching a new product.  The other was situated at the DCP theatre and allowed delegates to explore the company’s comprehensive range of oral hygiene products.
Oral-B also announced the retail launch date for Pro-Expert: it will be available in stores from 1 July.

This UK launch follows the successes in other countries which have gained a double digit market share within two years, proving that Oral-B Pro-Expert, which utilises stabilised stannous fluoride, has been well received by both professionals and consumers.
Procter and Gamble dramatically changed oral healthcare globally when they introduced the first clinically proven effective fluoride toothpaste by Crest back in 1955 and the first electric toothbrush with oscillating rotating technology from Oral-B in 1991.

The introduction of Pro-Expert, a multi-faceted toothpaste with a unique technology, aspires to achieve similar acclaim.
There was also news in the field of mechanical plaque removal as the company’s flagship power product, Triumph 5000 with SmartGuide, had been improved.

Already highly sophisticated, it was challenging to find ways in which its performance might be advanced further.

Oral-B believe communication is key to compliance and that’s why this ingenious model has additional functionality to help motivate patients to brush for longer, without applying too much pressure.

Using the Triumph 5000 with SmartGuide they’re on average five times more likely to adhere to the recommended 2 minutes twice a day and are less likely to use excessive brushing force versus a regular toothbrush[1].

Research has shown that 92% of patients will significantly improve their brushing thoroughness in 30 days [2].

Conference delegates all received a voucher in their Oral-B wash bag inviting them to receive a complimentary new Triumph 5000 after trying the Pro-Expert toothpaste for a fortnight and reporting their feedback.
1.Walters PA, Cugini M, Biesbrock AR, Warren PR. A Novel Oscillating-Rotating Power Toothbrush
with SmartGuide™: Designed for Enhanced Performance and Compliance. J Contemp Dent Pract 2007 May;(8)4:001-009.
2. P&G data on file.

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