Justin Bieber musical toothbrushes launched

A Justin Bieber toothbrush collection has just been launched in the States.

Designed to make brushing teeth fun, Brush Buddies exclusive Justin Bieber dentistry products encourage children and teens to brush properly while enjoying their favorite pop tunes.

On one, fans can listen to either Baby or U Smile, while the other features Somebody To Love and Love Me. Each track lasts two minutes to encourage youngsters to brush for the recommended length of time per scrubbing session.

The Justin Bieber collection includes a wide selection of kids toothbrushes, teen toothbrushes and adult toothbrushes.

Or, families can purchase Brush Buddies’ all-in-one travel kit so they can take Bieber brushing on the road!

The Justin Bieber musical toothbrushes are endorsed by dentists and will be availble from 1 July.

Patients can choose from our innovative line of Justin Bieber floss, JB flossers or the battery-powered JB musical toothbrushes.

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