Philips launches world first at BDA

BDA delegates will be able to witness the unveiling of a world innovation in oral health at the Dental Conference in May.

In a profession where the word ‘new’ is often used but rarely lives up to the billing, this is literally a world first, possibly on the scale of the introduction of sonic technology for tooth cleaning.

The new product is not a toothbrush, but it is an innovation from Philips’ immediate field of competence in oral healthcare and bio-film management of dental plaque.

If that were not tantalising enough, Philips will also be announcing ground-breaking developments to the Sonicare sonic toothbrush range which will take brushing upscale to an altogether more sophisticated level.

As well as launching not one but two new Sonicare products at the BDA, Philips, is also presenting the full suite of current Sonicare toothbrushes, each of which has different specialist features.

At the core they are all based on pioneering sonic technology, however Philips recognises that people have varied oral health needs and are at different life stages, so has developed specific Sonicare toothbrushes to target different requirements.

For users who want to achieve an advanced level of oral health there’s the FlexCare+ with five different brushing modes; for those who are motivated by whiter teeth there’s the HealthyWhite; for those wanting an introduction to sonic cleaning and want to transition from manual brushing there’s the HydroClean and for children there’s the Sonicare For Kids brush to set up good cleaning habits for life.

With so many options to choose from, it is little wonder that over 17 million people have switched to Sonicare.

Philips is located on stand C16 at the BDA Conference.

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