A third of parents let their kids skip toothbrushing

Worrying new research shows millions of British parents are letting their children off brushing their teeth simply because they’re too rushed or stressed.
The study found that nearly a third of parents let their children skip brushing if they’re in too much of a rush, while one in five says they let their kids off part of their morning brushing routine, simply to avoid the hassle.

In addition, a quarter of those polled in the survey by Philips Sonicare claim their youngsters’ constant arguing about having to brush their teeth causes anxiety. A further 6% let their children off because they don’t want to cause an argument. 

Furthermore, it seems many parents are also are not following clear health guidelines when it comes to the daily routine.

NHS dental guidelines state children should brush their teeth twice a day; however 18% of parents admitted their child only brushes once a day, if at all.

The National survey of 1,002 parents of children aged between 4-10 showed that:
• 30% of parents say between 7-9am is the most stressful time of the day
• 25% of parents say their children don’t want to brush their teeth in the morning
• 29% of parents say they let their children off brushing their teeth when they’re in too much of a rush
• 19% of parents say they let their children off brushing their teeth to avoid the hassle.
The survey was carried out on behalf of Philips in advance of a series of radio interviews being conducted nationally in the run up to Halloween by celebrity nanny Fin Doherty and dental hygienist Sally Goss.

Philips Sonicare has developed the only sonic toothbrush especially for children which was recently awarded accreditation by the British Dental Health Foundation after its panel reviewed a number of clinical studies.

These corroborate that Sonicare for Kids removes significantly more plaque than a manual toothbrush and that it is safe and gentle on children’s gums.

Importantly in relation to the consumer research, the clinical trials also demonstrate that children brush for significantly longer with Sonicare For Kids than with a manual toothbrush and it helps establish healthy brushing habits early on.
For more information about Sonicare For Kids, visit www.sonicare.co.uk/dp or by calling 0800 0567 222.

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