New guidance on dental nurse salaries

The British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN) has responded to a strong demand for guidelines on dental nurse salaries – from both nurses and employers – by issuing the minimum salaries it
considers to be acceptable.

The salaries shown below are per annum, for a 37-hour week. Overtime should be paid at 1.5 the normal rate, and double for Sundays or public holidays, said the BADN. Time off in lieu may be given instead of overtime payments, if this is acceptable to both employer and employee.

Other factors, such as specific job role and duties, local conditions (i.e. what other, not necessarily dental, employers pay), etc should also be taken into consideration.

The BADN considers that dental nurses paid according to, or in excess of, this salary scale should be responsible for payment of their own GDC registration and BADN membership fees, and claim the appropriate tax allowances from HM Revenue & Customs.

In the event that these fees are paid by the employer, a dispensation should be obtained from HMRC by the employer as the HMRC regard this as a benefit in kind. There is no HMRC tax allowance for CPD costs if paid by the employee; however, tax allowances may be available to employers paying training costs, including CPD costs.

POSITION                                                               MINIMUM SALARY   
Registered dental nurse (1)                                          £20,000  
Registered dental nurse – extended duties (2)               £24,000         
Senior dental nurse (3)                                                £28,000    

(1) A dental nurse who is registered with the GDC and who performs duties as specified in the GDC Scope of Practice document, page 4.
(2) A dental nurse who is registered with the GDC, and who holds – and uses – one of the following post-registration qualifications: NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography; NEBDN Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing; NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education; NEBDN Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing; NEBDN Certificate in Special Care Dental Nursing, and/or who has acquired – and uses – any of the additional skills listed in the GDC Scope of Practice document, page 5.
(3) A dental nurse who is registered with the GDC who fulfils the criteria set out in (2) and who has an additional supervisory function – either in supervising or training other staff members, including student dental nurses, VTs, etc. This does not encompass the role of practice manager.

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