Practice offers hair extensions with tooth whitening

A dental practice is offering a complete summer makeover that includes tooth whitening and hair extensions.


Experts at the Kalyani Dental Lounge in Glasgow’s city centre wants clients to rethink the whole dental experience.


Its expert team is offering a special summer makeover involving a tooth whitening and hair extension package to create a beautiful smile and luscious hair for clients.


A range of packages starting from £550, include hair extensions, tooth whitening and a complimentary consultation with Dr Ambi Jeyabalan, owner of the Kalyani Dental Lounge.


The tooth whitening offered uses techniques seen on TV programmes such as Ten Years Younger and Extreme Makeover while the extension service provides clients with luxury ‘virgin” Russian and Brazilian hair – the former for blonde or brown extensions and the latter for brown, red, and black ones.


A trained team will come to the Kalyani Dental Lounge to carry out the hair extensions, using a special weaving technique. Weaving lasts longer and looks more natural than bonding, and it does not damage the client’s own hair.


‘I realise this package might seem unusual but if someone has a smile enhanced by whitened teeth, then their hair can add to the look,’ said Dr Ambi.


‘I feel the smile is the centre of a picture and the hair can be like the frame. Several clients have already benefited from the summer makeover idea so I plan to run it until the end of September.’


Visit or, for a free consultation, call 0141 331 0722.



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