Obsession control – and things that go bump

It has been a hectic second term! We have had a number of competencies to complete so that we are able to carry out as many procedures as possible in clinic!

Our amalgam competency seemed to be quite a high hurdle to get over for some, as well as completing our anterior composite (which I personally enjoyed!).

I love the whole artistic aspect of dentistry and restorative dentistry seems to be where I can show my attention to detail, although sometimes this can be slightly obsessive.

It seems that most people who are involved in the dental world have some sort of OCD where some people need to clean their clinical bay thoroughly before starting the day or when some of us cannot leave a restoration until it looks perfect!

However, I have learnt that sometimes spending too much time over a filling can be detrimental, so I have had to learn that control.

As well as the set out curriculum, which we as dental students have been ploughing our way through, life sometimes throws unexpected things at us!

Recently, I had been studying for our first major exam of the year and was making my way home after a revision session, when unexpectedly I fainted and smashed my head on the concrete floor (ouch!).

Just for your information, I have never fainted before in my life and this was a completely random event.

Luckily my friends were around who were able to get me to hospital and I have been told that I threw up on them numerous times (I feel payback in the pipelines)!

It took a few weeks, but I have recovered from this horrible episode, however I did miss my exam which I am sure I will be expected to make up at some point.

This is not the first time when my year plans have been disrupted for one reason or another, but I have learnt to never give up.

My uncle passed away last year, but he always encouraged me to realise my ambitions and to work hard to achieve all my goals.

I live my life with this ethos and encourage those around me to work hard and enjoy their life. As well as my own life, recent worldly natural disasters have brought to my attention the importance of living your life to the fullest!

It is important to make the most of every day and, in my case, to use my education and knowledge to help those less fortunate.

Never lose sight of your goals no matter what happens in your life. I just look at it as if I’m being tested to see how determined I actually am and eventually I will get there!

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