Dentistry – a ‘new market sphere’ for Greg

Software of Excellence has appointed Greg Clay as sales and marketing director.

He joined the company last December and is a ‘seasoned professional’ who brings many years experience leading sales and marketing teams within a variety of software businesses.

In his new role, Greg will be responsible for the strategic sales and marketing direction of Software of Excellence’s UK and Dutch operations and, although dentistry is a new market sphere for him, he is looking forward to working within the industry:

He said: ‘Dentistry is a very exciting industry to be involved in at the moment, particularly being a part of the UK’s leading provider of practice management solutions.

‘We are currently in the midst of a plethora of changes to do with compliance, health and safety and targeting, as a pioneer in its field Software of Excellence is rising to this challenge by evolving its range of products and services to meet our customers’ needs and make practices even more efficient. Keeping in touch with our customers in this way means we are well positioned to set the agenda for future advances in software applications.’

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