Lucky number three…

I’m here to tell you about the latest issue of Preventive Dentistry, coming out in apporximately one week’s time. It’s a packed issue: we’re welcoming a new board member, we’ve got new articles from our regular contributors, there’s two hours of verifiable CPD available, and our news section is packed to the rafters. Anyway, let’s get cracking with a look at something that grabbed my interest!

From the news…
The story that caught my eye this month was about scientists suggesting that tobacco-replacement therapies containing nicotine could have the potential to cause mouth cancer. The research shows that levels of nicotine found in lozenges and chewing gums could increase the risk of mouth cancer.
The research team investigated the influence of the gene FOXM1 on mouth cancer because FOXM1 is expressed in higher levels in many types of cancer. While studying the influence of the gene, the team also investigated the effect different tobacco substances had on human mouth cells. Lead researcher Dr Muy-Teck Teh said: ‘We were surprised to find that nicotine increased the levels of FOXM1 in the cells. We used the same amount of nicotine found in tobacco replacement therapies such as chewing gums and the amount was enough to activate the gene.’
Mouth cancer affects nearly 5,000 people in the UK each year and there has been a 17% increase in cases during the last four years. Research like this suggests that it’s not simply smoking tobacco, but nicotine in general that can potentially cause mouth cancer.
The implications raised by this research are huge. Many smokers swear by nicotine gum, inhalators, electric cigarettes and other tobacco-replacement therapies to help them quit smoking. As a smoker myself, I have used those very aids to help my attempts to quit, but it is probably safer to quit on willpower alone.

Welcome aboard
Moving on to brighter news, I am proud to announce the addition of Carolyn Green to the Editorial Board of Preventive Dentistry. Carolyn is a dually qualified dental therapist and hygienist. She currently works in four dental practices and is extremely passionate about dentistry. I have every conviction that Carolyn will make an exceptional addition to the team, and I am looking forward to working with her. You can read her first article on page 24, about the successful integration of an audit process into your practice.

And now?
We have a great article from Hayley Lawrence about smoking cessation in teenage smokers on page 28. Sandi Beebe takes a look at polishing on page 32. We have an article about the advantages of using water jet technology in an oral health regime on page 38. There is an
in-depth CPD article from Listerine about alcohol containing mouthwashes on page 44. It’s
also great to have our dento-legal articles from the Medical Defence Union back in the magazine on page 53.

Final thought…
If you have any news or opinions you want to let me know about, drop me a line at
[email protected], or call me on 01923 851756. Hope you enjoy the issue, until the next time.

Thomas Roberts

Managing Editor

Tel: 01923 851756

Email: [email protected]

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