Lack of skills impacts on dental implants

Lack of training is the main reason why so few dentists offer dental implants, according to new research released today.

A little over one in three UK dentists carry out implants, with 64.5% of dentists who don’t offer this service claiming it’s because they don’t have the necessary skills or training.

This is followed by 25.8% who said that the equipment and dental implants themselves are too expensive to make it a viable business proposition.

Despite this, the research shows that the UK dental implant market is growing.

The research was carried out by dental implant company, Implantium.

Dentist Jason Buglass, managing director of Implantium, has more than 15 years experience of carrying out dental implant procedures.

He said: ‘Our research shows that collectively there are 46.5 million adult teeth missing in Britain, so there is certainly a huge potential market.

‘We are trying to encourage more dentists to offer implant services by offering implants that are 81% lower in price than the market average as well as training courses for dentists.’

Implantium’s research shows that
Reason for not offering customers dental implant services (percentage of dentists who don’t offer dental implants)
• Do not have the necessary skills/training 64.5%
• Equipment and procedure is too expensive 25.8%
• Practice is too small 6.5%
• Do not know 9.7%

However, some 25% of dentists who aren’t currently offering this service are planning to do so within the next 12 months. Furthermore, of those dentists offering implants, 22.7% have seen demand increase over the past 12 months, with only 4.55% seeing it fall.

Demand for dental implants over the past 12 months (percentage of dentists who offer implants)
• Have seen an increase 22.7%
• Have seen a decrease 4.55%
• Demand has stayed about the same 63.64%
• Don’t know 9.1%

Implantium also offers a range of training courses. For more information, please visit

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