Size matters – and so does shape, says cosmetic dentist

Changing the size – and shape – of your teeth can result in a more youthful appearance.

That’s according to Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Denise Fundora, who claims: ‘Changing the size and shape of your teeth can significantly improve your smile as well as rejuvenate your overall appearance.

‘Some of my patients say that a smile makeover is better than Botox in restoring a youthful

Referring to the study published by Frush and Fisher – correlating the size and shape of teeth to sex, age and personality – Dr Fundora explains: ‘There are several subtle cosmetic improvements that will change the shape and size of the teeth that result in a more youthful and feminine appearance.’

‘Teeth look much more feminine when they are rounded with more pronounced embrasures, the tiny inverted ‘v’ between the two front teeth,’ she says.

‘When the canine teeth are pointy, it softens the appearance to take the point off.’

One of the determining factors in looking more masculine or feminine is the size and shape of the lateral incisor.

In men, the lateral incisor can be almost the size and length of the central tooth and has a very straight edge.

A woman appears more feminine when this tooth is significantly smaller, rounder and more
angled towards the centre.

Teeth that are associated with the male gender tend to be squarer in shape with smaller embrasures. If a male happens to have very rounded teeth, the dentist can ‘masculinise’ his appearance by shortening the edges of his front teeth, as well make the lateral teeth larger.

Another cosmetic trick to create a more masculine appearance would be to add a pronounced tip to the canine tooth.

According to the Frush and Fisher study: ‘The canine teeth are most important in determining the personality.’

Sharp tips indicate a more aggressive and male personality, rounded edges are associated with the female, softer personality.


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