Men’s bad teeth are a top 10 turn-off

Men with bad teeth might do well to invest in some cosmetic dental work if an online survey of women is anything to go by.

In a survey on, bad teeth is the second-most unappealing characteristic in a man, beaten only by poor body odour.

And that spells good news for cosmetic dentistry!

Sally Gill, a teacher from Wolverhampton, told the portal: ‘I could never, ever fancy a bloke with bad teeth. You see so many blokes with furry, crusty yellow teeth and they usually have bad breath as a result. Eugh, no thanks.’

Other top turn-offs included missing the toilet, spitting, fake tan and complicated facial hair.

Large ‘man boobs’, strong aftershave, ear and nose hair and horrible feet also made the top 10 list.

Yesterday, revealed that a survey of UK adults – commissioned by dental plan providers, Denplan – found men were more likely to brush their teeth just once a day, and less likely to use mouthwash, dental floss or breath mints.

A Mintel survey for the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry recently found that 32% of the population are ‘concerned’ by the appearance of their teeth.

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