Alcoholic dentist faces six-month practice ban

An alcoholic dentist from Northampton who lied to the General Dental Council (GDC) to cover up his drink-driving has been suspended from practice for six months.

Adrian Wright, from Kingsthorpe in Northampton, claimed under oath at a hearing of the GDC last April that he had given up alcohol.

He said he was fit to work as a dentist and would seek help if he felt at risk of alcoholic relapse.

But he failed to mention he had been arrested for suspected drink-driving twice in the previous month, the GDC heard.

Wright was eventually convicted at Northampton Magistrates’ Court of driving under the influence and two charges of failing to provide a sample for analysis.

Magistrates sentenced him to two months in prison and banned him from driving for four years.

The GDC has now decided he should be suspended from practice for six months.

In a GDC report of the hearing, it stated: ‘The committee considered the mitigation advanced on Mr Wright’s behalf and took into account the testimonials of patients and colleagues, which speak highly of his abilities as a dentist and manager of his practice.

‘It heard of his considerable personal and health problems spanning a number of years, which culminated in the matters which are before the committee…

‘…Notwithstanding this mitigation, the committee regards these convictions and this misconduct as serious matters, which damage the reputation of, and diminish public confidence in the profession.’

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