British Society of Oral Implantology website hacked

The British Society of Oral Implantology website has temporarily closed down after computer hackers got into their system over the weekend.

Chairman Dr Ken Nicholson said it was unfortunate timing for the society in the run-up to its inaugural symposium as visitors to the site will be unable to access information.

The BSOI symposium and launch of the European Journal of Oral Implantology will be held at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, on 5 April.

The theme for the symposium is ‘Getting it right – from Training to Treatment’.

A team of leading implant academics and clinicians will be speaking on some of the most relevant topics in implant dentistry in the UK.

Dr Nicholson commented: ‘Unfortunately this leaves visitors to the site in search of information on BSOI and the symposium completely in the dark.

‘I suppose if the Pentagon can be hacked so can BSOI but who would want to do so? Especially at such an important time in the evolution of the Society!

‘Our web team is working frantically to resolve the situation and also to trace the source of the problem.

For further details on the symposium programme, ring Sue Tralls on 020 8949 6087 or email [email protected] or [email protected].

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