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Now in its 13th year, the Irish Dentistry Awards continue to honour the best in the field, celebrating clinical excellence across Ireland.

This esteemed event shines a spotlight on those who have demonstrated exceptional skills, patient care, and innovation in dentistry.

Recognised as a prestigious occasion, it brings together dental professionals from all corners of the country to acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

The 2024 Dentistry Awards are all about celebrating the hard work and success in the dental world.

This event gives a big shout-out to dental professionals for their great work and the improvements they have made. It’s a way to recognise those who stand out for their skills, how they treat their patients, and how they help their communities.

These awards are not just about honouring individuals and teams, but also about inspiring continued excellence in oral health care.

The Clinical Dentistry Awards is a distinguished event, thoughtfully designed to celebrate the remarkable achievements in various dental disciplines.

Covering a broad spectrum of categories, including aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, implant dentistry, and oral health, this event brings to light the exceptional work and dedication of dental professionals.

The Private Dentistry Awards represent the pinnacle of recognition in the UK and Ireland’s dental community, setting a gold standard for excellence.

Chaired by the esteemed Dr David Houston and judged by a select group of dental experts, these awards shine a light on the exceptional service and skill displayed by both individuals and teams within the private dental sector.

The Dental Industry Awards aim to highlight and celebrate the remarkable achievements within the UK dental sector.

This esteemed ceremony serves as a platform for commending the exceptional efforts and accomplishments of individuals,
teams, and companies across the industry. Featuring a broad selection of categories, the awards are accessible to organisations of every size,
allowing for the recognition and showcasing of excellence across the board.

Registrations are now officially open for the esteemed Dentistry Clinical Case Awards! This unique event invites dental professionals from
across the spectrum to showcase their most challenging, innovative, and successful clinical cases.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner with years of experience or a rising star in the dental field, this is your opportunity to highlight your
clinical expertise and the positive impact you’ve had on patient care. Winners to be announced in Clinical Dentistry magazine in September!

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