Masters of removable prosthetics – 25 years of BPS

Masters of removable prosthetics – 25 years of BPS

We look back at the introduction of the Biofunctional Prosthetics System (BPS) and how it transformed implant prosthetics in dentistry.

The fabrication and application of dentures has a long history in the practice of dentistry. The origin date of when the concept of removable prosthetic teeth was first used is a topic of discussion amongst medical historians.

It is argued that the earliest recorded evidence of a complete upper and lower denture was from Switzerland dated around the year 1500 (Murray & Darvell, 1993). Patients no longer need to experience the types of materials that were used back then; removable prosthetics have moved on leaps and bounds in the last 100 years.

The last 25 years has seen rapid advancement in the fabrication of dentures. This is being celebrated in the two-day event – Masters of Removable Prosthetics: 25 years of BPS.

The innovation of BPS

Since its introduction the Biofunctional Prosthetics System (BPS) has provided dental professionals around the world with a systematic workflow. This has enabled both the clinician and dental technician to work in synergy alongside one another. Now, they produce dentures that meet the increasing demands of patients.

The BPS workflow has been used as a base to develop some of the most successful and accurate techniques for producing removable and implant prosthetics.

One of the techniques that has been developed using BPS is the Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture (SEMCD) technique by Dr Jiro Abe. More recently, the invention of the Ivotion digital denture has been created out the techniques defined by BPS.

The best of the best

To celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the launch of BPS, Ivoclar is proudly hosting a two-day event. It features world renowned masters of removable prosthetics in Nottingham this October.

The event will see a combination of dentists, clinical dental technicians (CDT) and technicians from around the world travel to the UK. Here, they will deliver their insights and knowledge as internationally recognised BPS experts.

The event aims to showcase all the applications of BPS and Ivotion digital dentures. Delegates can gain a real understanding of how to implement these into their own everyday workflow. It has been designed to explain the evolution of BPS and Ivotion digital denture system. But also how they are enabling dental professionals to deliver consistent premium results.

Discover the roots of BPS starting with the original Gnathomat and how it led to the development of the Stratos articulator and UTS Transfer Bow. And now in 2022, the Ivotion digital denture system.

The development of techniques, products and materials now mean that beautiful digital dentures can be delivered to patients. And in just two appointments, thanks to BPS.

Meet the speakers

The Masters of Removable Prosthetics event welcomes the following Clinical Dental Technicians: Mattheus Boxhorn (Switzerland), Germen Versteeg (Netherlands) and Paul McNally (EIRE).

The event will also feature lectures from the following technicians: Robert Grünenfelder (Switzerland), Jozsef Ratonyi (Hungary), Kenji Iwaki (Japan), and Thomas Doblander (Germany).

The two-day event also features BPS insights from several dentists. These include Dr Frank Zimmerling (Germany), Professor Kenichi Matsuda (Japan) and Dr Fumiaki Yamazaki (Japan). To learn more about the speakers please visit:

A rare opportunity

Each speaker has been working with BPS for many years. They have also all developed their own specialities that have helped them become industry leaders in their craft. The Masters of Removable Prosthetics event is a unique and rare opportunity to experience the knowledge of all these experts in one place.

The Masters of Removable Prosthetics: 25 Years of BPS event will be hosted in the state-of-the-art venue: De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 October.

To secure your place on this special celebration of BPS, click here:

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