First ever Dentistry Live takes place today – watch a live implant case with Colin Campbell

This is your chance to grow your dental implant skills, tune in, watch and even interact with Colin Campbell virtually as he carries out a live implant case.

This June we’re bringing you an FMC first – Dentistry Live.

Dentistry Live is your opportunity to watch leading implant dentist, Colin Campbell, carry out implant surgery – live.

Not only that, Colin will have a microphone and multiple high-resolution cameras.

So, you can watch the surgery in high definition. Interact with Colin if there’s anything you don’t understand or need clarifying.

You can sign up here.

Dentistry Live is available to anybody that has signed up to Dentistry CPD – the leading online CPD platform.

Costing only £29.99 for dentists and £19.99 for the dental team, this is the most cost-effective way to get all your CPD for the year, as well as also watching a leading implant dentist carry out surgery, live.

Live bone grafting procedure

‘What we aim to do in June is live surgery,’ Colin Campbell says.

‘It will be live from the Campbell Clinic. We’ll cover an anterior aesthetic implant placement for a patient who previously suffered some trauma and needs an upper central incisor replaced.

‘We’ll cover lots of information about the case, lots beforehand, lots afterwards to discuss and inform our decision making.

‘But what you’ll get on the day is all the surgery for the implant placement live. Along with a bone grafting procedure at the same time.

‘I hope that you can watch that and it can help you with the patients you look after too.

‘I look forward to seeing you then.’ 

Colin Campbell

In 2009 Colin became a director in Campbell and Peace Specialist Practice and in 2013 formed The Campbell Clinic.

Colin has placed over 4,000 implants and restored many of these, he has also carried out over 10,000 surgical procedures.

He is responsible for mentoring dozens of dentists and introducing them to implant dentistry for the benefit of their patients and has also lectured nationally for over 10 years on implant dentistry and oral surgery.

Colin has been providing expert witness services for 10 years in dozens of cases and has appeared in county and criminal trials and in regulatory hearings as an expert.

What’s involved?

In this live surgical broadcast, Colin Campbell will explain the rationale behind the treatment of anterior aesthetic cases in type two situations.

He’ll also cover the potential longevity that can be achieved in aesthetics and function from these restorations. 

During the procedure, Colin will place a dental implant live in an upper central incisor area. He will place it on a patient who has previously suffered trauma.

This case will be accompanied by a GBR procedure using the standard GBR protocol recommended in the research-led approach by The Campbell Clinic and Academy. 

Colin Campbell will try to demonstrate how to achieve predictable aesthetic results in well assessed cases, even when the cases have a degree of advanced or complex treatment requirements.

Throughout this, the diagnostic process, the surgical process, and follow-on restorative process will be explained and discussed. 

For more information sign up to Dentistry CPD today at and we’ll automatically reserve your spot for
Dentistry Live.

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