Are you using the right product to clean your dental unit waterlines?

Are you using the right product to clean your dental unit waterlines?A recent study has declared an outright winner in the battle against biofilm, which can be a significant health risk.

Contaminated dental chairs have been directly linked to the deaths of patients in Italy and Sweden. When biofilm from the chairs dental unit waterlines comes into contact with patients and dental staff there can be a significant health risk.

What was the study?

Several products have been developed over the years to help reduce or eliminate biofilm contamination. One such product is Alpron and the BRS system.

In perhaps one of the most thorough studies of its effectiveness over a six-year period and covering 68 chairs in a French University hospital an astounding discovery was made.

The initial water testing showed CFUs of more than 300 per ml, and 7 units were contaminated with Legionella and Pseudomonas. Bear in mind that the UK and EU standard for drinking water is less than 100 CFUs.

The following actions were taken:

  • Shock treatment was performed on the chairs using the BRS
  • Continuously treated by Alpron with sterile water during working days
  • Bilpron was used during inactivity period
  • Purging every morning and after each patient
  • The clean water bottles were disinfected daily in a washer disinfector.

What was the result?

The results were amazing. Of over 620 water samples taken over a six-year period there was not a single case of Legionella, Pseudomonas or Coliforms. Incredibly, over 570 samples showed no CFUs at all. And there was only one single case of non-compliance to the drinking water standard.

What should you do to protect your patents and staff?

Contact the experts in infection control and the leading supplier of Alpron, Aura Infection Control. Its experts know the best ways and how often to clean dental water lines.

We asked them for some takaways from this ground-breaking research.

Laura Edgar, Aura Infection Control managing director said: ‘This proves conclusively what we have always known – that Alpron and Bilpron deliver highly secure dental units.

‘The study perfectly illustrates that continuous treatment offers significantly better results than intermitted treatments.

‘We always tell our customers that regular disinfection of clean water bottles works to reduce DUWL contamitaion. Cleaning in a washer disinfector or weekly using BC-SAN will also always improve outcomes.’

The comprehensive study not only focused on the scientific micro biological control but also touched on the human factor.

‘Staff training is key,’ added Laura. ‘It is vital to keep staff trained on on water line management as this plays an important part in the effectiveness of the system.’

Aura Infection Control offer some of the industry’s most highly-rated dental training courses such as their ECPD training for dental unit waterline management.

If you want some free expert advice on dental unit waterlines for your team, please contact Laura Edgar on 01833 630393, email [email protected] or visit

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