Introducing the new Septodont Companion app

Septodont comes right up to date with the publication of its new app. It is designed as a simple – yet sophisticated – source of reference for product resources, including advanced augmented reality content.

Not so long ago, websites were the digital portal for all information. But with the incredible handheld processing power and connectivity of today’s smart phones, there is now a better way. Welcome to the Septodont Companion app!

It offers a simple to use reference point for Septodont products – but it’s where augmented reality begins that the real fun starts! Simply show your phone a box of Biodentine, for example, or even a picture of one, and automatically your device will display additional information.

This includes hints and tips, access to case studies, product MSDS and all manner of valuable information.

Welcome to the Septodont Companion AppSimple to download and use

It even allows for direct communication with Septodont should you need to be in touch.

The app is simple to download and set up and requires very little memory. It also ensures that you have all the Septodont product information you require at your fingertips.

The Septodont Companion app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Download it today:

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