Out of Office – Christopher Leech on good coffee and great food

In this week's Out of Office, Christopher Leech talks about family time, how he unwinds and what makes a good coffee

In this week’s Out of Office, Christopher Leech talks about family time, how he unwinds and what makes a good coffee.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Christoper Leech and away from Clear Dentistry, most of my time is occupied being a dad. I am blessed to have four beautiful daughters who keep me very busy. They are Phoebe, Bella, Molly and Imogen who are seven, five, three and two – so you can imagine its pretty intense!

I have had to love pink (already did) and having my weekend ritual of getting my nails painted and hair styled has not been that much of a chore to be honest. I am married to Laura who is a GP, so we have all the medical bases covered in the family.

Are you into any sport?

My main passion is golf, but in recent years it has had to be relegated somewhat. Now, I’m a long way off my handicap of 11 from when Phoebe was born. My limited time has pushed me into a love for cycling.

I try to commute to work which is a 24-mile round trip in the summer and enjoy working out early in the mornings at the 6:30am Orange Theory class near me. For those who don’t know what this is, its a great little class where you wear a heart rate strap and its a mix of running, rowing and free weights where the trainer aims to get your heart rate in certain zones for maximum effect.

If you have one near you then give it a go, it’s brilliant.

Are you a foodie?

I enjoy cooking and most certainly eating/drinking. My dishes do tend to be meat orientated with lots of red wine. For my birthday (which is on Christmas Day, and yes, I definitely miss out on presents) I’m hoping to get sent on a cookery course to learn how to work with fish. We recently got a steam oven and I don’t think only cooking peas does it justice.

A nice little trip down to Cornwall to the Rick Stein cookery school and some local cider is the plan for next year I think. I’m fortunate to have some great dental friends and we tend to meet up a few times a year for a day of reflection and a wonderful meal somewhere. This is always a great adventure of cuisine and also serves as a great de-stress. It’s great to be able to talk to people who understand some of the stresses that dentistry brings, which I don’t think my family fully understand. I think everybody should find a local dinner club with some like-minded dentists. It’s a great excuse to go to a posh restaurant.

Coffee is something I am quite particular about. Eighteen grams of fresh beans expressed into 36ml in 30 seconds please is always welcomed. Anybody still on the Nespresso I encourage you to invest in a nice little dual boiler. Prepare to have your mind blown with the difference.

Do you like to travel and do your hobbies take you anywhere in particular?

With a big family my travelling days are somewhat on hold. Our holidays tend to be something like a Neilson or Mark Warner affair where there are great clubs for the kids and loads of activities for us to do as a family. We had all six of us on a huge paddle board last year. This will be a memory I will treasure forever – all pushing each other in and just enjoying the sun and ocean all together.

What type of television/movies do you like?

We love watching movies as a family and have a great home movie set up. I recently invested in a 4k setup with Dolby Atmos sound system and the difference from my old basic TV and speaker is mind blowing. The most recent films I have watched are the Harry Potter ones as Pheebs wanted to see them after having read the books. They were brilliant.

Overall I think I have a pretty eclectic taste in movies and some of my favourites would be Gladiator, Leon, Akira and Inception. Plenty of popcorn too please.

I’m also a video game nerd and spend far too many late evenings playing. Currently it’s League of Legends and Call of Duty. There is actually a pretty good dental community when it comes to gaming. If you don’t already, login to COD and blast the day’s stresses away.

Finally, if anybody would rather have a game of chess with a beautiful bourbon, give me shout.

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