90 seconds during lockdown with…Bethany Rushworth

Today we speak to Bethany Rushworth about how she’s finding lockdown and how she’s filling her time.

Bethany Rushworth

Bethany Rushworth qualified from the University of Leeds with distinction. She went on to work in general practice gaining experience in endodontics, periodontics, prosthetics and tooth whitening. She also did home visits and treatment for patients in care homes with complex dental and social needs. Dr Rushworth is passionate about education. Whether that be teaching others through regular lectures and workshops or learning about new techniques and materials herself. 

Dr Rushworth has also worked full time in a major trauma centre as part of the oral and maxillofacial surgery team, caring for patients with both acute (fractures, lacerations and facial swellings) and chronic (cancer, saliva gland problems and temporomandibular joint conditions) problems. She worked on an oral surgery clinic in the Leeds Dental Institute, where she carried out hundreds of extractions and gained experience in the surgical removal of teeth. During this time Dr Rushworth treated a lot of patients with both general and dental anxiety. She implemented different techniques to help her patients feel relaxed and at ease.

Dr Rushworth has a particular interest in the holistic care of her patients. She believes that there can be many factors affecting both dental health and pain. She works closely with her patients to educate them and highlight lifestyle factors, which can be modified to improve both dental and general health.

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