An unconventional path to becoming a digital dental laboratory

A digital dental laboratory is so important in the 21st centurySteve Campbell of Nexus Dental Laboratory took an unconventional and surprisingly successful route to realise his digital dental laboratory dream.

There’s an open secret in the digital dental laboratory industry that many laboratory owners have yet to cotton on to.

It’s actually pretty obvious when you think about it, but it’s human nature and often seems to make business sense to do the exactly the opposite.

If you want a job done properly…

The common saying: ‘If you want a job done properly, do it yourself’ resonates with many because it’s very hard to let go of a task and let somebody else run with it – and that’s especially the case when there’s money at stake. And as a business owner, why would you pay another business to do work you can do yourself?

But, that’s exactly what you should do, according to Steve Campbell of Nexus Dental Laboratory in north Yorkshire.

The biggest limitation of a digital dental laboratory

In Steve’s experience, the biggest limitation of a laboratory is its output capacity. So outsourcing some aspects may increase costs, but it also increases output and therefore the amount of revenue a laboratory earns.

When Steve set up Nexus in 2016, he wanted to be a digital dental laboratory right from the outset. It was a no-brainer to him to outsource all of his customised abutment requirements to Dentsply Sirona’s Atlantis. Atlantis is trusted by many laboratories across the world to deliver high-quality, reliably fitting customised abutments.

Knowing that the abutments were taken care of, Steve and his team could concentrate on other areas of the workflow, such as ceramics and finishing – and providing excellent customer service to their customers.

Outsourcing to Atlantis is the ideal first step towards becoming a digital dental laboratory for so many reasons:

  • Minimal investment required
  • Reduced technician hours per case
  • Expertise on tap
  • The opportunity to specialise in-house
  • Output and quality increased
  • Low risk.

If this seems too good to be true, read Steve’s article, which delves deeper into this list of benefits. In it, Steve also explains why he believes that becoming a digital dental laboratory is the only way to stay competitive and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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