Henry Schein Orthodontics annual European Carriere symposium

From 20 to 22 September 2018, participants from 35 countries came together at the sold-out Henry Schein Orthodontics annual European Carriere Symposium

Delegates learned about the latest innovations and clinical solutions in orthodontics, a specialty in which patients are treated at the dental, the skeletal, and the facial levels.

The symposium focused on the latest technologies and evidence-based treatment protocols and innovative concepts and tools. Renowned speakers shared proven strategies that increase clinical efficiency, shorten treatment time, and help achieve extraordinary long-term results.

Henry Schein Orthodontics presented the SLX Clear Aligner System, recently launched in the United States. The SLX Clear Aligners provide ultimate clarity with proprietary ClearWear material and a precision fit to reduce the need for unsightly attachments. According to Henry Schein Orthodontics’ lead clinical advisor, Dr Dave Paquette, when the uniquely clear aligners are used in combination with the ‘Sagittal first’ philosophy powered by MOTION 3D Appliances, the number of aligners required can significantly be reduced in a typical case, providing meaningful time savings and clinical benefits to doctors and patients alike. The SLX Clear Aligner System will be available in Europe in 2019.

Revolutionising orthodontics

In his keynote speech, Dr Luis Carrière, inventor of the Carriere Philosophy, focused on evidence-based clinical solutions for the treatment of complex class II and III cases with a non-invasive approach to face and health-driven orthodontics that greatly reduces extractions and surgery and thus the need for interdisciplinary therapy for the good of patients.

‘Innovations in our profession are ranging from equipment and material to treatment concepts that positively impact every aspect of how we achieve consistent clinical excellence while enhancing the patient experience,’ said Dr Carrière. ‘Therefore, it is crucial to be open to new concepts, participate in regular training, and exchange knowledge and best practices with experts.

With simple, bonded biomimetic devices, such as Motion 3D Appliances, together with the Sagittal First Philosophy, orthodontists can reposition the mandible, expand the airway and balance the relationship between the nose, upper and lower lips, and chin, for facial harmony – either for class II or class III cases.’

The Fifth Henry Schein Orthodontics European Carriere symposium will take place from 20 to 21 September 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

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