Regenerate at home remineralisation regime

Enamel erosion is increasing in prevalence and incidence and affects people of all ages.

A recent study showed that in the UK, 54% of young adults (aged 18-35 years) have signs of enamel erosion (Bartlett et al, 2013).

Enamel erosion is a cumulative process triggered by repeated acid attacks, and the increases in prevalence have been attributed to a rise in ingestion of fruit teas, fizzy drinks, sports drinks, fruits and juices, vinegar based dressings, wines and cocktails.

This daily assault on the teeth is most common in the younger generation who frequently consume acidic foods and drinks throughout the day.

Fortunately, dental professionals now have an effective product to counter this growing challenge.

After conducting a basic erosive wear examination (BEWE) to determine a patient’s risk score for erosive wear in the clinic, clinicians can recommend Regenerate Advanced Enamel Serum and Advanced Toothpaste to kick start a preventative regime against further acid damage.

Inspired by bone repair research, NR-5 technology contains two unique ingredients – calcium silicate and sodium phosphate salts – which combine to form a fresh supply of enamel minerals, wrapping and integrating onto the teeth (Sun et al, 2014).

Studies showed that the Regenerate Enamel Science system consisting of Regenerate Advanced Enamel Serum and Advanced Toothpaste can help reverse early signs of enamel erosion.

It is proven to recover surface microhardness by 82% following three days of use (in vitro) (Hornby et al, 2014).

It is clinically proven to provide superior re-hardening of acid-softened enamel in situ after three days compared with standard fluoride toothpaste (Joiner, 2014).

Regenerate Enamel Science is also proven to provide superior protection against enamel erosion, offering two times greater protection from erosion than a fluoride-only toothpaste.

Example and sample

Two times an hour between 18-19 May during The Dentistry Show, dental professionals keen to learn more about enamel erosion will be able to attend a free 20-minute CPD lecture on stand M68.

On completion they will receive a Regenerate Advanced Enamel Serum and Advanced Toothpaste starter kit, along with a CPD certificate to recognise their participation.

The CPD certificate can be downloaded from Healthcare Learning website post event.

For more information please visit stand M68 at The Dentistry Show or


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