Smart dental surgery solutions

HY-0871-KIT-PROTECTSince its creation in 2005, Hygitech has been on a mission to find simple and efficient solutions to the challenges faced by today’s oral surgeons.

The French-based company’s first innovation was the development of hygiene kits, which brought together all the components necessary for surgery in one place, and it has been working to better the life of the dentist ever since with products like its Protect Kit.

Today, Hygitech offers all of the products necessary for dental surgery.

Product range

To facilitate the surgery’s preparation, its complete range is split into four sections corresponding to the order of use: equipment, preparation, surgery, and decontamination and sterilisation.

This product range, while expansive, has been carefully crafted by Hygitech’s skilled research and development team to consist exclusively of high-quality, intuitive tools meant to save dentists time and money, while keeping in mind that personalisation is key to success as every surgeon has his/her own protocol.

Keeping in line with its quest for continued innovations, at Hygitech you receive more than just a quality product; you also receive access to a wealth of valuable knowledge.

It has recently created The Academy, a comprehensive and completely free collection of online information relevant to all surgeons, whether they are complete beginners or experienced in their field.

For more information on Hygitech and The Academy, visit the website

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