Dental Beauty.TV – a video marketing phenomenon

Dental Beauty.TV is an innovative and exciting service available for dentists to unleash the power of video marketing directly to their patients via video email.

They can educate, inform and promote cosmetic treatments and oral health tips in an engaging way, which is both familiar and very effective.

This new marketing initiative is brought to you by Optident and Henry Schein, using a world-class video marketing platform especially designed for the dental health industry combined with an extensive library of professionally produced videos enabling an interactive platform for patient communication.

Dental appointments usually involve the dentist working in the patient’s mouth and therefore often inhibit two way conversations.

Time is precious and not all dentists have the luxury to chat to their patients about new treatments and services while they are at their appointment, and so rely on patient information leaflets and staff members to help. Although this is still very important, patients like to know what's available to them and how they can get it.  Television is the most powerful and engaging way of communicating these messages.

Treatment topics featured on DentalBeauty.TV already are:

• Tooth whitening
• Invisible teeth straightening
• Oral Cancer screening
• Airflow Polishing
• Composite restorations
• Implants
• Fissure Sealants
• The hygiene visit
• Single day veneers

Coming soon… lasers, Cerec and cad/cam and much more.

Dental Beauty.TV carries the practice's own brand and contact details. It is designed to create consumer demand, help communication and grow awareness of dental treatments available… and what's more, it's affordable for every dentist.

Dental Beauty.TV allows the practice to send email campaigns simply at the touch of a button.  This can all be done from a web browser with no special IT or marketing skills.

Each topic is pre designed and has interactive links allowing patients to email friends and family instantly, view their website and watch a practice video.

All the videos are available to use on websites and in social media, or printed information in the form of the QR codes provided.

The Dental Beauty.TV service also provides a waiting room DVD.

Dental Beauty.TV video bank is constantly growing and each dentist gets full access to all the content to use at their convenience.

We believe that Dental Beauty.TV will revolutionise patient marketing and create a demand for dental treatments like never before.

For more information visit  

password : d3ntal

Optident & Henry Schein dental   +44 (0) 1943 605050 





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