BoD Practice Managers’ Conference – a must-attend event!

While bookings continue to flow in at a pace, BoD recently caught up with one of last year’s attendees – Gayna Horridge, practice manager at Cahill Dental Centre in Bolton – to understand why attending such a conference is key to any practice or business manager.

BoD was especially interested to know what Gayna gained from spending time in the company of 80-plus like-minded practice managers.

So Gayna, what attracted you to last years’ BoD Practice Managers’ Conference?

There had been a lack of networking opportunities specifically for practice managers to all get together. Having been a Practice Plan (BoD is part of the Practice Plan group!) client for many years and attending a myriad of workshops, I was sure the quality of this conference would be just as good. I also love networking!

Were the speakers relevant to the things a Practice Manager (PM) has to do on a day-to-day basis?

The speakers were very relevant to the role of the PM, covering many aspects from compliance to providing exceptional customer service. There were also examples of real life PMs giving practical insights in to what they did in their practice and how it can be done. It’s always great to hear real life stories of how things can be achieved and the challenges faced. This is something I believe you’re doing again this year!

Was the content engaging?

Most definitely! The whole day kept me engaged, especially with Sheila Scott as host; a very light-hearted, relaxing and enjoyable day.

Did you leave with a bag full of hints and tips that you could implement within your practice?

As with any course I go to, I always leave with an action plan. This was no different; especially spending time with other PMs giving hints and tips on how they do things in their practice.  

Why is it important that PMs attend these kinds of events?

Networking is so valuable. Talking to other PMs and knowing that most practices have the same challenges means you know you’re not on your own. I made some great new friends. You can get so many hints and tips just by talking to like-minded people. Also, it’s important that you keep up to date with current trends, legislation and CPD of course!

Did you think it was value for money?

Definitely! The venue and the speakers were fantastic and I even got time to make use of the spa facilities too!

On a scale of 1-10, how highly would you rate this event?

A great big 10 out of 10! I know many of the PMs I met last year are already booked to attend this year’s conference.  

If you’ve been inspired to join the BoD team at this year’s conference in June, then give the Events Team a call on 0845 003 0048 or go online at

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