No more complications for cosmetic dentistry

Oxyjet UK’s new Oxyjet Leo De Luxe is the entirely painless, safe, needle-free and ‘green’ alternative to Botox and similarly invasive cosmetic treatment options.

Oxyjet Leo De Luxe enables dental practices to offer their patients the complete range of cosmetic therapies (wrinkle reduction; lip profile enhancement; irregular skin pigmentation, age spot and acne removal etc) without any of the complications associated with Botox etc.

Mobile and easily moved, the patient-friendly Oxyjet Leo De Luxe can be used easily by any member of the dental team to deliver its patented pulsed oxygen cosmetic treatments. Costing just £10,000 it will enable the practice to add over £100,000 or more to the ‘bottom-line’. 

Oxyjet UK also offers an extensive range of skin care products, including Beauty-Tox and Intact. 

Clinical demonstrations are available upon request.

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