60,000 members for Dental Protection

Dental Protection passed the 50,000 mark at the end of 2007 and less than five years later another 10,000 more people have joined the organisation to bring the total membership to 60,000.

This is quite remarkable considering that it took almost 90 years to gather the first 20,000 members

Dental director Kevin Lewis announced the figures on the eve of the BDTA exhibition. He said: 'Dental Protection serves members in 70 countries worldwide. It has a 70% market share in the UK and is currently gaining members in virtually every market where we work.

'Here, in the UK we have achieved a 20% membership growth in five years. We have also doubled our membership in Scotland since January 2009 and now serve and protect 29% of all the dentists and 36% of the hygienists and therapists in Scotland.

'Further afield we have grown by more than 20% in Australia (by 64% in the graduate oral health therapist and hygienist market) and by 15% in Malaysia – all in the last two years – and that is great news for DPL and a huge tribute to the quality of every one of the teams that serve the dental profession in these markets”.

'With new dental schools coming on stream in Malaysia, Caribbean, Australia and the UK who knows how long it will take Dental Protection to reach the next membership landmark?'

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