Is dental tourism a cost effective option?

In the current economic climate, some households are choosing to be more selective about what they spend their money on and how or where they spend it.

This has lead to some people choosing not to include dental care in their list of vital household expenses – in fact a recent survey has shown that nearly 50% of the UK’s population have not visited the dentist in the past two years because of the cost.

On the other hand, some households are choosing to shop abroad for dental deals. But is this wise?
Although the costs in Europe may appear to be lower, statistics show that 29% of Britain’s dentists are treating more patients with complications caused by the treatment they received from dentists abroad.

While low prices for dental treatment abroad may seem attractive, overseas dental practices aren’t obliged to provide the same standard of clinical service that can be found in UK practices.

This lack of regulation could lead to complications or problems which may prove to be more expensive in the long run when a patient needs to get the treatment rectified.
At James Hull Associates (JHA) we are aware of patients’ concerns with the cost of dental healthcare and believe that going abroad is not the only option when cost-effective treatment is required.

JHA practices are committed to providing excellent clinical and cosmetic outcomes within a value-driven pricing structure. Plus you can relax knowing that not only is your treatment validated quality assured, it is also being provided under UK General Dental Council Governance.
We believe it is in patients’ best interest to weigh up the long-term and short-term effects of any dental treatment. The short-term effects of going abroad may seem the more attractive option; however, clinical procedures in Europe are causing more patients to return to UK dentists to fix complications, which result in more time spent in the dental chair.
However, if you are considering treatment abroad, our best advice to you is to research the clinic’s dental procedures and their dentist qualifications before you make an appointment.
If you are considering travelling abroad for dental treatment or would like to discuss anything please don’t hesitate to contact your local JHA practice. We have over 70 practices around the UK so we’re certain you’ll find one near you – visit to find your nearest practice. Our clinicians will be able to offer the most relevant and cost-effective advice, thereby ensuring you receive the highest quality care and support and avoid the experience becoming distressing and expensive.
At JHA we are committed to providing patients with the highest level of clinical excellence. We are dedicated to ensuring our patients receive the best care and support.

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