Stay looking young with dental implants

Missing teeth, sunken jaw bones and sloppy dentures are all signs of ageing. But for millions of people in the UK who have lost all their teeth there is a solution that will leave them looking younger and feeling more confident.
Traditional treatment for missing teeth can lead to a considerable change in appearance. Replacing natural teeth with dentures can feel ageing in itself, but shockingly it can also lead to irreversible changes to your face shape.
Tooth roots stimulate the jaw bone. Once these have been removed, the bone resorbs or shrinks. A conventional denture does not replace the tooth roots and so does nothing to prevent bone loss in the jaw.
Dr Nigel Jones, dentist and dental implant expert from Abergavenny, Wales, says: ‘Over time the denture wearer’s mouth and jaw appear to collapse. Their lips look thinner and there is an increase in wrinkles around the mouth. With almost 20% of adults wearing a denture, the number of people facing the effects of such bone loss runs into millions.’
The only treatment available for missing teeth that replaces tooth roots and prevents further bone loss is dental implants. These are natural looking replacement teeth which leave a great smile, no problems eating and keep you looking younger for longer.
Dr Jones adds: ‘Bone loss speeds up significantly when you lose teeth. I see many patients who are disappointed with their dentures. Their problems are caused by the dentures becoming loose as bone is lost. This can be solved with implants, which hold replacement teeth or dentures in place and prevent further loss of bone. Dental implants also have a much better cosmetic outcome than other treatment options.’
Anna Lees, a patient of Nigel Jones in Abergavenny, said: ‘I had the horror of facing the future with teeth that had to come out and be put in a glass at night.

‘So, when I was offered the chance of implants, I was delighted. With my implants you don’t have to take anything out. When you go to bed you just get your toothbrush out and clean your teeth.”
Stella Morris is a patient of Dr Pete Sanders in Southampton, and said: “I remember as a child watching my parents placing their teeth in a glass at night, which has given me an inherent hatred of dentures. The natural look and feel of dental implants has transformed my life and I am so grateful that I will never have to go to sleep while staring at my teeth.”

Both Nigel Jones and Dr Pete Sanders are registered with, a website that puts patients directly in touch with their nearest dental implant dentist, as well as providing a wealth of information on dental implants and the treatment process.

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