Royal smile makeover is not ‘too perfect’

The dentist who gave Kate Middleton her smile was featured in The Times on Saturday.

Rather than opting for a Hollywood style smile, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly visited Dr Didier Filion to enhance her smile in time for her wedding earlier this year.

Dr Filion specialises in a form of treatment known as ‘harmonious asymmetr’, which is designed to enhance the aesthetic of the smile, while still preserving a natural look.

The treatment process for the Duchess involved making micro-rotations of the teeth to make the smile look more even and balanced, without making them look artificial.

A close friend of Dr Fillion, Bernard Touati, told The Times magazine that Kate Middleton’s teeth were not perfectly aligned but she wanted to maintain a natural look for her smile and Dr Fillion achieved this by making very small rotations of the teeth.

Dr Fillion criticised the look sported by so many Hollywood stars, including Tom Cruise, saying that they were ‘too perfect’ and instead decided to focus on enhancing the Duchess’ smile by using techniques designed specifically to create a healthy looking natural smile.

Dr Fillion treated the Duchess at his Wimpole Street practice in London prior to the wedding.


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