Louise goes back to her dental roots

The practice manager of a Harley Street dental practice is off to revisit her nursing skills with a charity trip on behalf of Bridge2Aid.

Louise Scott, of Davies and Associates in London, trained as a dental nurse and an oral health educator and sees it as a great opportunity to ‘help a fantastic charity’ and her principal dentist, Dr Phillip Davies, has given her two weeks off to join the dental volunteer programme next year.
The trip takes place from Monday 13 February 2012 until Friday 24 February 2012.
Louise said: ‘I have wanted to get involved for years now, but something always got in the way, this year however – the charity comes first – and nothing will stop me getting out to Tanzania and doing my bit for people less fortunate.

‘Having read that some people have to travel for days to get to the clinics, the least I can do is help to ensure they get the best possible care when they get there.
‘I am hoping that I can encourage people to see that they can still make a difference through donating to the charity. Many people like myself, rely on sponsorship to make trips like this possible, so I urge everyone to dig deep as every penny counts.’
If you want to donate to Louise’s fund-raising effort, click here

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