Emerging science of plaque control

The 45th meeting of the CED/IADR, organised together with the NOF, Budapest, was the venue for an important symposium earlier this month, supported by Johnson & Johnson Oral Care, EAME.

The symposium provided both an overview of current concepts of plaque control, while reviewing advanced scientific concepts of oral biofilm-host interaction and the properties of oral care products.

Presentations included:
• Professor Philip Marsh, of Leeds Dental Institute with Living in harmony with our resident flora: a united front or a battle for survival? which looked at the potential of contemporary approaches to control plaque at beneficial levels, including the use of replacement therapy and probiotics, antiplaque and antimicrobial agents, and other interventions to augment conventional mechanical plaque control, were discussed.

• Professor Iain Chapple, University of Birmingham, with Antioxidant micronutrients: nature’s fuel for controlling inflammation New therapeutic approaches, which focus on the modulation of destructive inflammatory responses and/ or the augmentation of more efficient and time limited immune – mediated antimicrobial defences, were reviewed.

Doctor Roberto Labella, Johnson & Johnson consumer services, EAME, Ltd with Efficient delivery systems in the design of oral care products outlined the concept of beneficial plaque control through product formulations and the current evidence of their recognised need and proven efficacy. The challenge of introducing innovative products while maintaining the performance of proven heritage technologies was discussed.

Professor Gabor Varga, of Semmelweis University, Budapest, and chair of the session, said: ‘Our internationally renowned speakers at this 2.5 hour, CPD-accredited symposium, clearly delivered an insight into current developments and future trends, allowing delegates to be able to apply the most advanced knowledge of determinates of oral biofilm related diseases to their practice of plaque management.’

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