Essential CPD all in one day

CPD Essentials is a seminar that promises to deliver the GDC’s annual requirement of verifiable CPD in the five core subjects – all on one day!

It’s being held on 17 September at the Royal College of Physicians in London and will include:

Radiography and radiation protection (1 hour) – Jimmy Makdissi

This session will cover radiation doses in dental radiography and the practical aspects of radiation protection. It will provide delegates with an overview of 2D imaging – both film and digital – as well as introducing 3D cone beam CT.

Legal & ethical issues (1 hour) – Len D’Cruz

This session will look at some principles and processes to help you successfully manage challenges that arise in a dental setting. Topics to be covered:
• Consent
• Confidentiality
• Legality of bleaching
• Challenges in the NHS
• The standards that need to be met
• Protecting yourself from claims.

Handling complaints (1 hour) – Len D’Cruz
Delegates will examine essential concepts, strategies and techniques of handling the difficult situations that arise when a complaint is received. Specific strategies for handling patient complaints will be suggested, along with a simple and effective complaints handling technique. Those attending will also gain an understanding of why patients complain and also their expectations of the process.

Disinfection and decontamination (1 hour) – Martin Fulford

Meeting standards for decontamination and disinfection in practice. This session will look at how the dental practice can meet the standards for instrument decontamination and designing a decontamination suite specified in the HTM 01-05.

Medical emergencies (2 hours) – Yusof Omar

The session will update a DCPs knowledge and skills so that they and their team are fully equipped to appropriately manage the medical incidents that might occur in your practice. Over a 40-year career, the average dentist is likely to see about 10 medical emergencies; fortunately, the majority of these will be minor and not result in death. However, the very fact that serious emergencies are so rare means that when they do occur one is likely to be caught short in recognising and managing the problem effectively. Dr Joe Omar will present some of the serious medical emergencies that have to be dealt with in practice. He will offer practical and realistic advice on how to diagnose and treat some of these conditions.

One-day seminar prices

Dentist rate £355+vat (£417.13)
Subscriber dentist rate £319.50+vat (£375.41)
DCP or team member rate £175+vat (£205.63)
Subscriber DCP or team member rate £157.50+vat (£185.06)
Special team rate (1 dentist & 2 team members) £605+vat (£710.88)
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