Recommend alcohol-free mouthwash, experts tell dental team

New research suggests dental professionals should be recommending alcohol-free mouthwash to patients as a daily adjunct to brushing.

According to a recent study, experts point out the link between the use of alcohol containing mouthwash and various health risks such as adverse effects on oral structures and functions.

The paper – published in the British Dental Journal is by Dr Wermer and Professor Seymour – highlights how alcohol-free mouthwashes provide the same superior oral care benefits – plaque and gingivitis control – as alcohol-based mouthwashes, but without the need for ethanol (alcohol). 
Other risks include burning mouth, drying of the oral mucosa, softening effects on composite filling materials and mucosa pain, as well as worsening any damage caused by tobacco from cigarette smoking.

The authors also point out the associated health risk between alcohol rich mouthwashes and the ingredient link to oral cancer. 

Commenting on the need for a daily use alcohol-free mouthwash, dentist Dr Graham Barnby notes: ‘Good oral health is obviously vital for all of us, especially if we want to avoid the perils and costs associated with tooth loss and extensive dental work in our mouths. As a result, adhering to a thorough, twice daily, oral health regime at home is essential – and that includes using an alcohol-free mouthwash as part of that routine.’

‘The alcohol-free Dentyl pH range is proven in its working action with evidence demonstrating that Dentyl pH offers effective, immediate results in our battle against oral health dangers such as plaque, the cause of many oral care woes such as bleeding gums, the first sign of gum disease.’

Dr Barnby adds: ‘A mouthwash does not need to contain alcohol as an ingredient to ensure that it works. Cetylpyridinium Chloride, found in Dentyl pH, is just as highly effective as an antibacterial agent as the alcohol antibacterial ingredient, ethanol, and as per Professor Seymour’s paper, there are no advantages in terms of efficacy. As a result, using an alcohol-free mouthwash twice daily is a “must” to ensure a thorough oral care regime.’

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