PCT survey paints bleak portrait

Watch out Barry Cockcroft – because the backlash is coming.

At least, that’s the first impression to emerge from Dentistry’s newest campaign, PCTs: the state of play. The replies are flooding in, painting a bleak picture of the state of local commissioning in England and Wales as they do so.

The picture is far from complete, so if you haven’t yet filled out our quick survey, you can add your voice to the growing call for change here.

The response – which can only be described as passionate – highlights the depth of ill feeling amongst the profession.

It will not make comfortable reading for the Department of Health.

While some clear leaders are already emerging from the pack – Bradford in particular receiving glowing praise – the majority of the comments point to a deep-seated resentment.

One PCT has been labelled ‘arrogant and unwilling to listen’, while others stand accused of favouritism, intractability and even outright racism.

One respondent branded their PCT ‘lying thieves’.

Some PCTs seem to have improved since 2006, but these appear to be few and far between.

Despite the response, we need to know more.

Do you agree with the criticism that is coming to the fore, or do you think that some PCTs are getting a raw deal?

Please spare a few seconds to fill out our online survey here and tell us what you think about your PCT.

It won’t take long – and your response will be completely anonymous, but it’s crucial in helping us to put together an accurate picture of the heroes and villains in this piece. 








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