An end to dental tourism?

DIO Implant of South Korea is now operating in the UK after identifying a gap in the UK market.

The company has been manufacturing dental products for more than 25 years, and Dio UK is now offering dental implants at low prices. For example, titanium RBM fixtures for under £98.

One dentist who has been able to drop his prices by 30% after switching to Dio implants is Dr David Fairclough, whose prime interests are dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. He believes that using Dio implants could lead to cheaper prices for patients across Britain, currently one of the most expensive places in Europe for dental implants.

Dr Fairclough explains: ‘There is no reason why it can’t be as cheap here as it is abroad, especially when you factor in travel and accommodation expenses. The savings I am making have meant that I’ve been able to reduce my prices by 30%, so it has made a huge difference. It means that people thinking about going abroad for implants can now have the work done here in Britain at an affordable price.’

He was initially drawn to Dio by the lower prices. However, he has also found that the implants are easier to place and give more aesthetically pleasing results than those he had used.

Dr Fairclough continues: ‘I’ve been using dental implants for more than 20 years now and I’ve tried most systems. When I came across Dio’s system, it seemed to be the easiest to use at an affordable price. The implants are very easy to place and they have very good primary stability, which is important.’

This increased primary stability comes from the multi-platform design and the double-threaded base, which offers high stability in low bone density. Alongside this, the stability offered by the root form design reduces the possibility of interference with other teeth.

Dio UK aims to assist all of its dentists during the integration stages in understanding the implant system. Rather than hosting clinical days attended by large numbers of dentists, Dio involves new clients in live implant placements working alongside an existing user, without a company representative being present.

This allows the session to be very open between the two dentists, meaning they are free to discuss the implants candidly. It also means that the dentist new to the system benefits from one-on-one tutoring.

Dr Fairclough says: ‘The back-up service I have been given has been invaluable. One of my big criticisms of implant companies is that they sell you the implants and then you get very little back-up from them afterwards. This hasn’t been the case with Dio.’

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