Fame, football and… the facts

I normally get started at 8.00am. Every day is different, but one thing I always do is brush my teeth for two minutes before getting dressed. I’m definitely a morning person and always wake up happy, knowing that I’m going to be out and about meeting people. I have an hour for lunch. I usually have a jacket potato with beans and cheese – plenty of fibre and energy and some calcium as I’m a tooth.

Genix Healthcare exhibits at the British Dental Conference & Exhibition and the Dental
Showcase every year. I attend to entertain delegates visiting the stand. I also tell them about Genix Healthcare’s recruitment of dental staff and clinic acquisitions. My role is extremely high profile. I’m the face of Genix Healthcare and everyone recognises me. I’m always signing autographs and having photos taken with fans or meeting journalists. I really enjoy the work so the job’s not difficult.

Smile Month
The work is varied – one day I can be in a shopping centre handing out fliers and balloons, and the next I can be doing a media call. National Smile Month is my busiest time of year as I visit schools and attend class visits at Genix Healthcare Dental Clinics around the north of England. I help the clinics to educate children on the best ways to look after their teeth. I don’t have many evening engagements and like to relax in the evenings by reading Dentistry magazine and watching DVDs, but I do get asked to attend functions all the time. I’m available free of charge as long as I have transport there and back. In April 2006, Genix Healthcare acquired its first dental clinic in Garforth, Leeds, and forged a long-term partnership with Garforth Town AFC who shared our belief in helping local communities. Simon Clifford, the club’s owner, has an exciting vision to develop football across UK communities. Similarly, here at Genix Healthcare we aim to make dentistry accessible and affordable to communities throughout the country. I try to attend most home games. During half-time I’m the goalkeeper for the children’s penalty shoot-outs – they have a chance to win an electric toothbrush and other dental goodies if they get a ball into the net. Simon Clifford also owns the Brazilian Soccer Schools and Socatots worldwide franchise. We reward our young patients who have demonstrated a good level of oral hygiene with free soccer sessions at the schools. So, children have improved oral and dental health as well as overall fitness!
I think most people are happy to see me – and I usually make them laugh. Children especially get really excited.


The tooth costume – weighing in at a hefty 6kg – has been a big hit within the dental industry, often spotted walking around the stands at exhibitions and posing for pictures with bemused
members of the dental profession. It was originally purchased in readiness for the launch of Gencare Dental Clinic, in Huddersfield, in August 2007. This was Genix Healthcare’s first purpose-built dental clinic. The company also has a tooth fairy costume, which was added to the promotions team in November 2008.

Genix marketing executive Chi Wong says: ‘We hire different people to wear the costumes as they’re often needed at various locations across the country, and we always have several people volunteering to do it as they seem to enjoy seeing people’s reactions to the costumes.
‘The costumes are heavy. Initially, they feel quite light but as the day goes on they get heavier and heavier. The people wearing them certainly need to take regular breaks throughout the day. They’ve been a great investment and both the profession and the general public really appreciate the humour.’

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