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Predictable biomechanical and aesthetic precision
Basil Mizrahi
Friday 18 September 2009, London

With the rise of cosmetic dentistry and the emphasis on quick-fix solutions, there is the danger that immediate cosmetic success is achieved at the cost of long-term biomechanical success. Successful long-term dental treatment requires aesthetic and biomechanical precision.
At the end of this day, you will come away with a variety of clinical techniques to use in your practice and will be inspired to elevate your dentistry to the next level.
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Managing the interdisciplinary case
Steve Ratcliff
Friday 25 September 2009, London 

During this one-day lecture you will examine a method that works to create a diagnosis and treatment plan for even the most complex cases.
The next day there are two optional hands-on sessions:
1. Digital photography – the single most important tool. By learning important settings on your camera, as well as how to work with your assistant and patient, in a short time you will be creating high quality pictures
2. Ultimate treatment planning –  this hands-on session gives you the opportunity to plan treatment and discuss two cases that are of moderate to severe complexity.
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CPD essentials
Friday 2 October 2009
Royal College of Physicians, London

Have you got your five core CPD subjects completed for 2009? If not, this seminar is the perfect way to ensure you easily obtain all the CPD that you need for the core recommended subjects requested by the GDC in one day of interesting lectures. Even if you have your CPD covered, this seminar is a great way to update your knowledge on these vital subjects:
• Medical emergencies (2 hours per annum)
• Disinfection and decontamination (1 hour per annum)
• Legal and ethical issues (1 hour per annum)
• Handling complaints (1 hour per annum)
• Radiography and protection (1 hour per annum)
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