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Bobbi Anthony is one of the world’s leading dental consultants, and her practice management systems and strategies have been proven to increase revenue and profitability of a huge number of practices across the UK and USA.

Dentistry is changing, as is the world economy, and as a result, many dentists are looking to identify new opportunities in the current market. This is where your role as a hygienist is very important to your practice.

The traditional view of the hygienist is being challenged by new ideas that allow for optimal patient treatments, and dentists are increasingly seeing the connection between maximising the use of their team and maximising profitability.

In your role as a hygienist, you can be responsible for:

•    Educating and co-diagnosing patients
•    Taking x-rays
•    Using digital photography
•    Presenting treatment options
•    Assisting with case closure

It is important that your practice is aware of the benefits that you can bring to your practice, and this seminar will show you how!

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