Wisdom teeth trouble floors Arsenal striker

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie is suggesting his wisdom teeth may be the reason behind his recent injury problems.

The 25-year-old has struggled with a series of muscular injuries this season, and it is thought that his teeth could be the cause.

He has spent several weeks on the sidelines and has not been able to gain a consistent number of games in the Gunners campaign.


The Dutchman is set to undergo surgery on the wisdom teeth to have them removed, and will be ready in time for the Gunners next season.


Speaking to The People, van Persie said: ‘I fear I’ll be forced to drink porridge through a straw. My osteopaths think there may be a connection between my teeth and the muscle injuries I suffer.


‘Something like that is very difficult to prove. But if the operation makes just one per cent difference it’ll be worth it.’

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