US museum celebrates aesthetic dentist

A US museum dedicated to all things dentistry is unveiling a new exhibition marking the achievements of aesthetic dentist Dr Irwin Smigel.

It’s called The Smile Experience and opens this week at The National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, US.

It looks historically at the power of a smile – from how people have sought to enhance their smiles since ancient times (the ancient Mayans who decorated their teeth with jade and the Elizabethans who whitened their teeth with acid) to the impact that modern cosmetic dentistry now has on creating healthy smiles.


It will include a look at Dr Smigel’s modern introduction of tooth bonding to the American public which many believe kick-started the modern-age of cosmetic dentistry.


Dr Irwin Smigel said: ‘I hope this exhibit will help educate the thousands of children and families who visit each year about the importance of developing good oral care habits early, and the joy of a healthy smile. Clean, healthy teeth are a marker of good health and happiness.’


The new exhibit will be installed in the Museum’s 32 Terrific Teeth galleries, an homage to the dentist and all things tooth-related in modern culture.


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