Adapting to a harsh climate

What a start to the New Year! Banks have been bailed out and still are not lending effectively, people are snapping up ‘bargains’ while so many are losing their homes. And the relevance to dentistry is?…

As patients adjust to the current economic realities, we need to ensure that our practices are running as effectively as possible, and that care and treatment is so carefully targeted to our patients’ needs, that they will continue to attend.

Attracting the patients you would like to treat – whether NHS or private – and generating their loyalty in an increasingly demanding environment, require an understanding of their needs and a keen appreciation of the most effective marketing techniques.

While dentistry has traditionally produced a very satisfactory lifestyle, capped NHS contracts and reducing disposable income of most patients now threaten that situation. Effective financial and performance management and great teamwork are essential.

There are several groups providing programmes to help you make positive changes to the way your practice is run.

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