The Irish dental industry in person: Gerard Lavery

How did you become involved with the dental industry?
Having lived in France for a year as an undergraduate, I became interested in working for a French company, and wanting a career in the dental industry, Septodont was the company of choice.

What is it about the industry that has kept you so long?
No two days are the same; it is interesting and stimulating, particularly as Septodont manufactures at several sites world-wide and for most market sectors. We have a great team at Septodont, good leadership and are determined to meet our customers’ needs.

What is your favourite dental product?
Picking just one is very difficult, but it would have to be Ultra Safety Plus. This product represents a major advance in the areas of local anaesthetic delivery and safer dentistry.

What is your most memorable moment in the dental industry?
A hot air balloon flight over the skies of Co. Tyrone, which we had sponsored for a charity. It was extremely memorable and not what I had expected.

Are you a good dental patient?
Yes, and quiet sometimes!

What changes do you think will reflect the industry and profession the most over the next five years?
As the demands of patients change in various sectors, I believe we shall see increasing activity in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, plus there will be an even greater emphasis on single-use disposable items.

In your opinion, what has been the greatest step forward in the Irish dental market since you started?
The introduction of the Ultra Safety Plus system, a product whose launch I was privileged to be involved with, alongside one of its most fervent promoters, Mr Brian Reader.

Who do you admire in dentistry?
I admire those who I meet frequently in practice and the industry, whose dedication to the treatment of their patients and customers offers service way above what would normally be expected.

Who do you admire away from the profession?
Doctor Bob Pierce, best known as the founder of the charity World Vision (

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