Call for nationwide ban on sugary snacks

Britain’s leading oral health charity has called for a UK-wide ban on sales of fizzy drinks and sugary snacks on healthcare and education premises.

The British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) applauds NHS Tayside’s recent announcement that it will stop stocking unhealthy drinks in vending machines and canteens, and calls for similar schemes to be rolled out across Britain.

Fizzy drinks have been replaced by healthier options such as unsweetened
fruit juices and bottled water in pilot schemes in the Scottish health authority’s premises, and will be banned by March next year.

The move could set a benchmark for health and education organisations’ snack
And meal menus – the Foundation adding sugary snacks to the list of

Such changes make statement on behalf of health authorities, and will boost
oral health and overall health.

Foundation chief executive Dr Nigel Carter said: ‘The Foundation not only backs the NHS Tayside decision, but calls for a UK-wide ban on sugary drinks and snacks in hospitals, surgeries, health centres and schools.

‘Sugary products taken between meals are the main cause of tooth decay, which can lead to fillings and extractions. Your teeth are under acid attack and risk of decay for up to an hour each time you eat sugary products.

By tackling the sale of unhealthy snacks in schools, young people can be encouraged to get into good oral health habits at an early age.

Currently half of the nation’s children under five years old suffer from tooth decay.

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