Dental marketing on the web

At Dental Focus Web Design, I always begin by advising new dentist clients to secure and use a domain name as it speeds up the ranking process on I also recommend that you secure .com and have it forward automatically to to protect your intellectual property.

Your homepage
A website’s home page must instantly capture the visitor’s attention; immediately conveying that you can provide the outcome that he or she is looking for through appropriate wording, photographs of smiling models as well as before and after shots.

Your content
At Dental Focus Web Design, we believe that content is extremely important. I strongly encourage the use of professional photographs especially to show off new or refurbished practices.

Brief descriptive text should be complemented by well cropped before and after photographs. Staged photographs depicting the entire treatment could be very interesting to dentists but put the visitor off treatment altogether; visitors may not like seeing photographs of real life flesh and blood, metal in the mouth, cut gums with exposed bone, or trimmed teeth. Complicated treatments should be explained through gentle illustration. Dental Focus Web Design creates all new websites with 3D animations from MEDiVision’s WebPak.

Your credibility
To create an impressive website you need to build credibility through real patient smile galleries, testimonials, dentist profiles showing qualifications and memberships, photos of the dentists and the practice. Gaining the prospective patient’s trust and confidence in your abilities will encourage that all-important move to contact you.

Your email enquiries
Your website should have an online form to make it easy for visitors to email you. Emails should be checked at least once a day and genuine hot enquiries should be responded to as soon as possible with a phone call to secure and confirm an appointment. Prospective patients are likely to email more than one dental website. Thus new patient leads need to be acted on immediately otherwise there is no point in even marketing the website.

Your unique selling points
A website needs to quickly and clearly show off your Unique Selling Points (USPs). Affordability is an essential message on the Web and a USP that every practice can adopt. The Web has become known as the place to find the best price. Experienced surfers expect to compare fees and offers; statistics usually show that the fees page is one of the most popular pages!

Your Google rankings
At Dental Focus Web Design, we are Google experts. We work on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); choosing the right ‘title’, ‘meta description’ and ‘meta keywords’ tags as well as appropriate keyword density and dental treatment content. We rename the page file names, reorganise the structure of the site as well as provide intensive link building to increase the quantity and quality (relevancy to dentistry) of in-bound links (links from other sites to your website).

We pride ourselves in achieving double rankings on the first page of results for In order to achieve a top ‘natural’ ranking on the free listing of Google we work to improve the relevancy and popularity of your dental practice website.

Your online advertising
Appearing on web directories relevant to dentistry or your location is extremely important. In the short-term, popular directories will divert more visitors to your website. In the long-term, links from high ranking directories will help improve your own Google ranking.

Your videos
Video on the web is the latest cutting-edge technology that your website needs in order to stand out. Google’s free, natural search results are now including more and more videos. Quality videos can gain popularity and positive ratings on sites like YouTube which in turn help you achieve top Google rankings. Dental Focus Videos is our latest new service in association with FooCo.


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